Tips To Help With Overseeing A Commercial Construction Project

8 February 2018
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Whenever you are tasked with overseeing a construction project for your business, you will need to manage the issue of financing this construction. Not surprisingly, financing any type of construction project can be immensely complicated and stressful for those that will be doing this for the first time. Therefore, there are some guidelines that may help individuals to avoid mistakes during this part of the construction process. Conduct A Thorough Assessment Of Your Business's Financial Status Read More 

3 Financial Tips Freelancers Need To Know

6 December 2017
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From a flexible schedule to the ability to be your own boss, it is easy to see the benefits of freelancing. Unfortunately, working for yourself has a few downsides, as well. Not only is there no guarantee of work and pay, but you will also need to navigate through the process of paying taxes and saving for retirement on your own. Freelancers make up an estimated 34 percent of the workforce in the United States. Read More 

3 Characteristics That Matter When Getting A Construction Bond

29 August 2017
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Running a construction business means that you depend upon your ability to get bonds if you want to do work for the government or large companies. Getting approved for construction bonds is about more than your credit history. Here are three other characteristics that matter when getting a construction bond: #1 Your Financial Stability It is not just about your credit history when it comes to getting approved for construction bonds. Read More 

Tips For An Effective Estate Sale

29 August 2017
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Estate sales are sometimes a necessary part of settling an inheritance process, but they are an area where experience goes a long way. If you have never done an estate sale before, here are some tips to get you started with an effective estate sale. Know the Value of Items The work starts before you get your sale off the ground. It involves getting the true value of items appraised. Anything you think may be valuable should be appraised or at least researched online to find a value estimate. Read More 

The Bail and Bond Process—Why Getting Out of Jail Isn’t Usually Free

17 February 2016
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Placing a citizen in jail is a serious matter—one filled with procedures, protocols, and regulations. While these steps are all important to the process of incarcerating citizens in a fair and humane matter, they are often difficult to understand. One of the most misunderstood aspects of this entire process is bail. From the amount of your bail to the process by which you post it, there are a number of details you'll need to understand if you're ever arrested and accused of criminal activity. Read More