The Bail and Bond Process—Why Getting Out of Jail Isn’t Usually Free

17 February 2016
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Placing a citizen in jail is a serious matter—one filled with procedures, protocols, and regulations. While these steps are all important to the process of incarcerating citizens in a fair and humane matter, they are often difficult to understand. One of the most misunderstood aspects of this entire process is bail. From the amount of your bail to the process by which you post it, there are a number of details you'll need to understand if you're ever arrested and accused of criminal activity. Read More 

How To Get The Most For Your Old Jewelry At A Gold Party

10 February 2016
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Gold parties combine fun with business. Typically hosted at family members', friends' or acquaintances' homes, these informal events bring together people who want to sell their old gold jewelry. Sometime between the treats, drinks and jokes, a party organizer will make offers to buy attendees' gold. Of course, everyone who brings unwanted jewelry to such a party wants to sell it for as much as possible. If you're invited to such a party, here are some ways you can prepare beforehand to get the best offer for your old gold jewelry. Read More 

Two Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Post Bond

29 January 2016
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Most people are aware they can post bond by paying cash directly to the court, contracting with a bail bondsman, or being released on their own recognizance. However, there are actually five different ways you can secure your freedom using the bail system. Here's more information regarding the two you may not have known about. Surety on Bond Most courts required defendants to post the full amount ordered by the court to be released from jail. Read More 

Which Is Better To Choose: A Payday Loan Or Title Loan?

27 January 2016
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When cash is scarce in your checkbook and bills need to be paid now, where can you go to get money quickly? There are plenty of ways to get cash; however, two of the easiest options are through payday lenders like EZ Check Advance and car title lenders. Payday loans and car title loans offer fast ways to get cash, and almost anyone can qualify for either type. Here are several things to consider as you think about what your best option would be to get the cash you need quickly. Read More 

4 Ways to Improve Your Credit after Bankruptcy

26 January 2016
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Filing for bankruptcy can feel like the end of the world for your credit score, but it doesn't have to be. Although it can take a while to repair your credit after a bankruptcy, it's not as difficult as you might think. Using careful planning and smart spending, you can improve your credit score even when it's hit rock bottom. Here are some simple but effective tips to help you improve your credit score after bankruptcy. Read More