What You Should Avoid When Out On Bail

15 September 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


Bail bond agents find and send their clients back to prison if the client skip court or are involved in illegal activity. In some states, bail bond services are allowed to ask their clients to visit them regularly so they can track their movements. If you are out on bail, here are some of the bail bond mistakes you should avoid.

1. Re-Arrest

If you are arrested for a DUI and are released on bail, your bail agreement may indicate that you should avoid alcohol. You may also be required to go through random tests to check the alcohol levels in your system. If your test results are positive, you could be sent back to jail.

When you are out of jail, try to keep a low profile. Remember, going back to jail will result in more legal and court fees. This will also tarnish your reputation with the court, which means you may lose your case. Also, you'll have to pay the full price of the bail if you broke your bail bond agreement. 

2. Incorrect Information

A bail bonds agency will try to gather as much personal information as possible about you before agreeing to pay for your bail. You should provide accurate information. You should not give out a fake address if you are in-between addresses or do not have a mailing address. Be honest with your bail agent and describe your situation.

Bail bond agents use the information you provide to check your background and track your movements. Providing false information will only ruin your credibility. This could cause the bonds agent to not work with you because you're deemed a flight risk. 

3. Traveling Out of Town

Maybe you are expected home for the holidays or need to travel for business. You may also have an emergency at home. Whichever the case, it is best not to travel out of town if you are out on bail. Anything could happen, and you may be late on the day of your court hearing.

Many bail arrangements do not allow people to travel out of town. Even for a valid reason, leaving town will cause your bail bonds agent and the court to doubt your intentions. Some people who are out on bail leave town and then fall off the radar. Hence, the reason courts frown upon out-of-town trips. If you have to leave town, you need to notify the court and your bail bonds service and confirm the validity of the trip.

If you avoid these things, you should get along with your bail bonds agent and maintain your bail bond.