Proprietary Investing Strategy Clients Should Understand These 3 Concepts

16 June 2021
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Folks working with a proprietary investment strategist are usually going to hear a handful of key concepts thrown around. You're probably going to be fairly familiar with most of the terms, but it's important to understand how professionals use them in proprietary investing. Clients need to be familiar with these three concepts as they discuss proprietary investment strategy solutions. Models A cornerstone of any strategy is developing a model. This is a description of how you expect different aspects of the strategy to work. Read More 

Four Tax Tips For College Students

24 February 2021
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For many young people, the first time they need to file their own taxes are while they are in college. Although college student income is typically low, there are a few variables common to this group that can make tax preparation a bit challenging. 1. Know Your Dependent Status If you are under the age of 24 and in college, there is a good chance that your parents or legal guardians are still claiming you as a dependent. Read More